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Mixology Monday’s ( is a monthly online cocktail party where Mixologists far and wide come together to swap recipes and present their themed drinks to an appreciative audience. This month’s theme is Punch, and is being hosted by Hobson’s Choice (
After some deliberation, I ended up chosing something which would be as interesting without booze as with – It was likely I was going to end up drinking the whole thing myself, and it’s a rare evening where I imbibe a cup or more of Rum…

First Post

Welcome to my corner of the net.  Here we’re going to be talking about my two favourite types of beverages: Tea and Cocktails (And hopefully their intersection, heh).

No content yet, but that should change by the end of the day.

Minor note: While I intend for this to primarily be a beverage blog, I’m sure there is going to be the occasional rant or rambling about politics, religion, science, dumb people, etc etc.  They will be flagged and tagged as such, so feel free to ignore ’em