Some basic information about me:

I’m a University Student in Honours Psychology. I’ve been fascinated by cocktails since I was about…oh, 16 or so. To make a long story short, this was approximately the time most of my friends discovered alcohol and began drinking rather heavily.  I had had a fair bit of exposure to booze (Growing up, my parents often letting me try whatever it was that they were drinking), so I wasn’t overly interested in the ‘Let’s get wasted off cheap vodka’ idea. Instead, I figured that since so many people drank *so* much alcohol, there *must* be a way to make it taste good, right?

First cocktail I ever made was a vodka sunrise – And I was hooked. A young mixologist was born.

On the tea side of things, I only got into tea (And by that I mean good quality loose-leaf tea) in the past year and a half or so. Strange as it may sound, most of my friends at University don’t drink alcohol. These friends introduced me to the joys of tea, and I’ve been heavily hooked ever since.

My favourite cocktail….depends on my mood. If you pushed me, I’d probably say a Sidecar.

My favourite tea…also depends on my mood. I don’t think there’s one stand out tea that I would pick out as a favourite. Gyokuro, maybe. But it’s mood dependent.