The tea which I am indulging in this fine evening is Uji Gyokuro “Touru Jiru Shi” from O-cha ( It is a very, very nice Japanese Green. However, it is fickle as hell to brew correctly- Any mistakes and you end up with a rather unpleasant cuppa. But when you get it right, it’s fantastic.

I’m brewing about a teaspoon of leaf (Which works out perfectly for my little Kyusu) at 140 degrees. First infusion is 1:30, second is 30 seconds, third is a minute, and I keep going up till I’m drinking hot water.

What you get is a lovely pale green brew, with a flavour I can only really describe as…Umami? It’s almost savory and meaty, but in a not-gross way (Meat tea? *blech*). It’s hard to describe – Just take my word that it is *tasty*. Mmm. Definitely something worth the effort of getting right.

I should mention that there is another, rather interesting way of brewing Gyokuro. You’ll probably want to do this in a Gaiwan, but I suppose any tea brewing device will work:

Basically, add your Gyokuro as normal, but instead of adding hot water to the leaves, place a few ice cubes on them. As the ice cubes slowly melt, they infuse the Gyokuro leaf and you get a very interesting tea, which you drink a bit at a time as the ice melts. This takes some time, mind you – You’ll literally be drinking thimblefuls at a time. But it’s an interesting, different way to try a delicious tea.